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damir is sitting at a healthy 2/2 in terms of ideas this week. after sunday’s brighton arvo, he backed it up today in the adelaide cbd. we hit up a flinders st swim and then went for vanilla milkshakes (cafe on pirie) and a free bike hire at the backpackers hostel on wakefield st (cnr pultney).

cruising round rymill and rundle park, through the majestic botanic gardens and then just generally running a muck around town, mastering the ‘slyde by’… the art of the sly ride-by when a group of girls are picnicking or sitting in a group. fantastic.

special mention to em hanna who we gave the slyde-by to on pultney st as her and her unassuming friend were innocently waiting to cross the road.


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lost in the world

a new kanye track has been leaked (outside of the tracks he’s been releasing every friday as part of the g.o.o.d fridays series) featuring bon iver. this track has some serious potential and would be rippin’ if it wasn’t for some dick promoting his piece of shit website every thirty seconds. what a deadbeat… still worth a listen/download though residents…

kanye west – lost in the world (feat. bon iver)

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rich list

net worth. what a concept… bill gates remains number one on the latest forbes list of america’s richest peeps (second worldwide after carlos slim helú) ahead of warren buffet in the runner-up slot, despite a ten billion dollar loss (wtf). on a rad note, the founder of facebook, mark zuckerberg is sitting comfotably at no.35 with an estimated 6.9billion at age twenty-six. c*nt! ralph lauren, oprah and jay-z also feature in the list.

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barbra streisand

yehhhhhh duck sauce. sweet vid starring kanye, pharrell, chromeo, ezra (vw) and more. such a ripping track…

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rick ross nike ad. boom!

cred: j.day v1.0

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never in my life have i seen such a contemptible and repugnant group of individuals all assembled in the one place, so it was fitting that hq was the venue of choice for last night’s cypress hill concert. my dear friend sophie hooked me up with a free plus one and although i really don’t have any affinity toward the band, i most certainly do towards anything free. i think i generally feel morally obliged to accept anything free, for the sheer fact that it is, well…free.

the band spent the set talking about weed, singing/rapping about weed and smoking weed (along with ninety-six per cent of the adoring fubu jean and wu-tang hoodie festooned crowd) but despite this, the old boys were still reasonably entertaining. finishing with rock superstar salvaged the show and had soph and i (especially the little i-talian) leaving the q with a giddy smile. at a solid eighty to ninety clam per ticket, i’m sure glad i didn’t have to fork out this weeks welfare check like most of the crowd, but a free ticket for a decent show, domestics, fights and tramp stamps is a winner any day of the week.

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big day out?

for the festival that has a reputation as being able to attract the biggest and best bands worldwide; big day out, your headliners are shit. they’ve all been on the bill before and they’re all shit. fact. having said that there are still some exciting bdo prospects. bloody beetroots dc7 would be insane playing boiler room, lupe always puts on a crazy show (i’m still relatively certain that his set in 09 is one of, if not the, best show i’ve seen), m.i.a, lcd soundsystem, the black keys and edward sharpe are all class and ratatat and the naked and famous will seriously rock their stages, but with so much pre-lineup hype and potential, i’m hardly impressed.

ill throw a bit of credit to bands like angus & julia, children collide and little red who i dig, but i don’t go to bdo’s for the overwhelming local talent, it’s the giant international bands that everyone wants on the bill… unfortunately it’s so irrelevant these days who they put on the line-up, because there is a generation of teeny boppers who will facebook status update about how glad they are that gyroscope and john butler trio (i fucking hate this band) are playing. it will sell out within a few hours… truth is i’ll probably still be forking out an annually elevated fee to tag along anyway. touché big day out. you dicks!

downloads below kiddies:

m.i.a – space

lcd soundsystem – i can change

lupe fiasco – little weapon

the naked and famous – a wolf in geek’s clothing

for the full line-up head to http://bigdayout.com/lineup/

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