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after last night’s alcohol fueled epidemic i felt obliged to write about a) the griffin’s head, b) mylrea and c) being chronically shitfaced for a fraction of the price it should actually cost you to do so… for this, many thanks must go to the charming parents of matthew for putting on such a wonderful event and providing all of the guests with what will probably go down as the happiest hour (fifty-three minutes to be precise… words were had) in ‘happy-hour’ history. credit to the griff for pulling out all the stops with their catering. seafood, pastries, pizza and more. all done to perfection…

mylrea straddled the host/hammered party-goer line to perfection and ensured a great night was had by all (especially table three). so if you’re ever looking for a venue to host a birthday or any gala you wish, let me thoroughly recommend the griffin’s head (grenfell st) as your establishment of choice. you will not regret it!


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the latest ‘spook’ mag (issue 4) was released in stores today. as you might have guessed my copy of the publication is already in the mail… may i suggest you do the same?

at a very reasonable $12.45 (that’s half an hour to an hour of work depending on your employer) you are getting ridiculously more than your money’s worth by investing. you can find the periodical at http://www.magnation.com/Spook-2843.php?searchState=ed660.

magnation is as reliable a cat as you will find south of the equator so dish out a few dimes and bask in the sensational seasonal read.

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get some

Swedish songstress ‘Lykke Li’ has a new album which will be ready to drop in the near future. Until then, she has given her fans a little taste of what’s to come with this new single.

listen/download: lykke li – get some

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I’ll be honest. I know the last thing anybody wants to read is another generic positive movie review. I could rave on about the ground-breaking cinematography, or the gripping performance of lead actors x & y, or how the film is so relevant, yet creatively original and mind-blowing. And everyone will agree but ultimately remain unconcerned because they’ve already read the same review, albeit with some bigger words (which they probably just got from the ‘synonyms’ function on Word), and a much better candor in their favourite hipsta magazine or blog. In the case of the social network; i do not give a fuck…  It was sensational and I, like every other critic, am going to prop the shit out of it. So if you’re not in the mood for what I’m sure you have basically already read or will do in the next ‘Rip It Up’, I advise you turn your time and attention to something much more worthwhile and noble…

My guess is that there is no-one still reading this (maybe gaudio or dos), but this is more for me than anything else… I’ll get all my giddy adjectives out of the way nice and early so I can actually breathe and enjoy myself a little. Brilliant, fantastic, amazing, phenomenal, exquisite, intelligent, hilarious, genius (I think I (and society) throw the word genius around far too often) and incredible. *Deep breath*. The storyline in itself is an excellent tale of friendship and betrayal on a very basic level but the complexities of the relationships are extremely well done by David Fincher. The way he moves between law suits and the events preceding them are done perfectly and are effectively heightened by the performances (especially that of Andrew Garfield, playing Eduardo) of his cast.

The savvy wit and intelligent script-writing gives the film a hysterical edge that ultimately defines the movie. Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) is humbly arrogant (the oxymoronic nature of that sentence is not lost on me) while Eduardo is passionate and thoughtful. The film has good guys, bad guys, crazy Asians (apologies to ziggy if he reads this) and a level of insight which resonates throughout the simplest and most brilliant of minds alike.

I thoroughly wish I knew how to write an awesome review without just re-telling and henceforth revealing the storyline to those who are yet to see it. So shit, just trust me, if you haven’t seen it yet… just do so. And if you have, well you probably understand the predicament I currently find myself in. I think I’ll just go watch it again tomorrow…

Anyone keen?

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talk of religious influence has surrounded the new ‘bring me the horizon’ album ‘there is a hell believe me i’ve seen it. there is a heaven let’s keep it a secret’. some of vocalist oli sykes’ lyrics lean toward this idea but whether or not that generates any interest amongst their fans, the sheer brutality and overall brilliance of the new record is sure to do so. it’s not all that often that i really listen to a hardcore release anymore but i know that this is going to get some significant air time in the volvo and on the pc.

if the heavier beats (no, i’m not referring to a new art vs science ‘heavy’ dance track or grime beat from bbdc7) still create waves amongst the oceans of other tunes on your ipod, then be sure to give this lp a go.

download/listen: bring me the horizon – it never ends

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oh, how i love the end of october. the barmy spring evenings filled with the intoxicating smell of freshly mown lawns and the housing one of the most exciting days of the year. halloween. the american holiday has become seriously hip again these last few years. people are more willing to get into the spirit of the festivities and run a muck. it’s true, there is nothing better.

this year, make sure you grab an old plastic bag, throw on your favourite superhero suit or dress up as anything dead (if you’re female, find the skimpiest outfit possible, always a reliable crowd pleaser) and go for a little ‘trick or treat’. i guarantee that unless you live in springfield (where it’s harder to actually get to the door than it is to get a treat) you will find some fine rewards. the best victims are the unprepared, they have nothing to give and feel bad so they give money. brilliant. if you can, find a little kid to accompany you as people are much more likely to give candy to children… then you can take it from them. that’s the true spirit of halloween.

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nothing has, nor likely will, get me excited quite like anything lupe. the man has had his new album ‘lasers’ release date pushed back and back from late this year to march next year. the first single has just been released though and while it’s not exactly what i was expecting it’s still a real sweet treat. keep an ear out for more tunes from lupe as big day out draws closer. he will certainly be playing a bunch of new tracks there so learn up!

lupe fiasco – the show goes on

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