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De lé Carte

Damir and I were talking about travelling as we so often do (talk, not travel, unfortunately) and about how we would love to have one of those ‘off-the-grid’ experiences. One where you didn’t visit Rome, Paris, London and Milan, but instead found yourself waking up on the couch of a Kiev local who you met in a bar, or where you hiked through cobbled backstreets of downtown Piran to an unimaginably pulchritudinous Adriatic Sea sunset.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get away from the cliché tourist icons and just disappear for six months? To simply leave internet cafes and facebook behind and just see where a handful of local currencies and a youthful sense of adventure take you?

This was all inspired by our best mate Brad and his current expedition to South America. Sure he isn’t going right off the map with his travels but he’s doing something different; something that most people will probably never do and making sure he takes advantage of every second of it.

Theophilus London – Flying Overseas (feat. D Hynes & Solange Knowles)

P.s. You do not need to point out the ironic hypocrisy of the use of this photo. I’m not a fucking retard; I just like the shot. You pompous ass!


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gold canary

Australia’s own ‘Cloud Control’ jamming roadside in London. I was lucky enough to see them support Vampire Weekend earlier this year at the A.E.C Theatre and now they’re getting on European tours with the likes of The Temper Trap and Local Natives. Not bad for four kids from the Blue Mountains.

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No, I am unfortunately not referring to the 2009 Michael Mann adaptation of the John Dillinger story starring Johnny Depp, but something a little closer to home. ETSA.

For the last eight days, at one point or another Houghton’s power has been out. It is beyond ridiculous. I go to blog, fail. ETSA. I want to go to the toilet at night, fail. ETSA. I try to keep an item refrigerated for more than two hours… FAIL. FUCKING ETSA!

Not only do they charge an absurd fee when you go to watch a friend play netball at ETSA Park (I do realise that they are the sponsors and are actually giving money rather than receiving it from gate receipts, irrelevant!). No, that isn’t enough for these blood-sucking, wallet-sapping, cantankerous ass holes. They have to take all the entertainment away from my humble hillside abode. Thankfully one company still comes to my aid in times of need. Apple. The iPhone is a beacon of metaphorical (and physical from 9pm onwards) light, guiding my ship through the treacherous ETSA waters.

How much longer can this actually go on for you utility providing fucks?

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Hell of a Life

In my haste to review the splendour of Kanye’s new album i overlooked what has (two days and at least eight listens later) become one of my favourite tunes on the record. ‘Hell of a Life’  is probably more reminiscent of ‘808’s & Heartbreak’ than any of his other previous work so if you didn’t get around the auto-tune of 2008 then you might disagree with my stellar rating of the track.

Anyway give it a listen (or download, free music. yeeeew) and see what you think. For me, hands down dopest dope i ever smoked.

Kanye West – Hell Of a Life

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Saturday at Henley is fast becoming a tradition in the Day-Rocca (and possibly Solagna) circle. By that i mean it’s two weeks straight we’ve been down there (one for Tony) for an afternoon ‘run and tea’. Aside from the encouragement from the surf life saving kids who get behind our running endeavors, regardless of the weather and our pace, the trip’s emphasis is certainly on the afternoon tea at ZooTz.

They sometimes take a bit of time to get your meals out but that’s usually because there are shitloads of patrons dining in or outside. The food is of a good enough quality that the wait can be forgiven though and the waitresses, besides being quite good looking (the majority), seem to be very friendly and happy. Like, beyond the usual level of friendliness and happiness the hospitality industry demands of its employees.

Next time your down at Henley stop into the beachside cafe/restaurant for a bad ass meal. They make one of THE BEST vanilla milkshakes I’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring and $7- pizzas on Wednesday’s… come on!

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“Can we get much higher?”

Kanye West’s fifth studio album was released yesterday and despite having already released a bunch of the tracks during his ‘G.O.O.D Friday’s’ series the record is rippin’. Kanye continues to break the barriers of conventional rap, hip hop, pop and any other genre he decides to dabble his unbelievably talented paws in.

The thing that continues to amaze me about Kanye West and his artistry is the way he progresses and develops. Unlike so many other artists in his field who are afraid to stray too far from what made them initially successful (an understandable and intelligent business decision), Kanye is willing to test the boundaries of the music industry and push his own personal boundaries to the limit. His progression from The College Dropout (2003) and Late Registration (2005), to Graduation (2007) and then 808’s & Heartbreak (2008) was a well publicised and often criticised voyage and with his latest LP now released, the haters will be quick to get on his back again. I doubt this will faze the man though, especially knowing he has an eight digit bank account and millions of devoted fans behind every decision he makes.

Highlights from the album include opening track ‘Dark Fantasy’, ‘All of the Lights (feat. Rihanna)’ and ‘Lost in the World (feat. Bon Iver)’. Tracks like ‘Power’ and ‘Monster (feat. Jay Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver)’ have already received a lot of warranted critical acclaim over the past months as they are amazing tracks. The unconventionally abstract artwork throughout the album is definitely another highlight. Illustrated by George Condo they depict exactly where Kanye is right now.

The album is imaginative, stylish and entertaining from track one to thirteen. A superb supporting cast of artists ensure variety and emphasise the album’s diversity and its complete experience. Another exquisitely constructed window into the mind of Kanye West. 

Listen & download below.

Kanye West – Dark Fantasy

Kanye West – All Of the Lights (feat. Rihanna)

Kanye West – Lost In the World (feat. Bon Iver)

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Latrell NY

Latrell Sprewell. New York. ‘Nuff Said!


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