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I’m the hero of the story

This is one of my favourite scenes in any movie. ‘(500) Days of Summer’ just so happens to be one of my favourite movies too so it’s not surprising that a scene of such elegance and brilliance came from the film. If you’ve never seen it before you should almost certainly be in your car on the way to your local blockbuster already.

I couldn’t find a link that would work with wordpress (I am awful with technology) so just hit the one below to take you to vimeo to watch it. Excuse the subtitles too.



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Firstly, I am not a gamer. At all. I smashed guitar hero for a while in 07/08 and since then my xbox has been used for nothing but the occasional dvd. However, I was ignorant to the splendour that is NBA Jam. I have received the most ridiculous amount of joy and entertainment over the last two nights playing it with Dan, Mundy, Gas and the HvH lads. I don’t advocate the use of the word epic too often. But this is Epic!

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I just came to say hello….

Before you rag I’m well aware that this isn’t a fresh song or clip but I enjoy it too much to not give it any recognition. Martin Solveig & Dragonette, you have won my respect.

Martin Solveig & Dragonette – Hello

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Another incredible year of music, internationally and around Australia. The emergence of some fantastic new acts has been a joy to behold and the return of many  an established band with unbelievably good albums has made for a pleasant auditory experience in twenty-ten.

As all bloggers do at this point, I must remind you that these are not based on any statistical analysis or such. This is simply a list of my favourite twenty songs of this calendar year. It is based on nothing but my opinion so I would love any feedback you have as to what you strongly agree or disagree with. If you like this, share it with ya pals. If you’re unfamiliar with any of the tracks, click on the link at the end of the post to listen/ download. Thanks for checking it, Peace x


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Boulet @ Unibar


If you’re not a fan of Jonathan Boulet by now you need to seriously think about the direction in which your life might be heading because he is amazing. His debut album was absolutely incredible, drawing praise from Kanye West and getting airtime on FIFA games! His latest track ‘You’re a Animal’, while butchering the English language is likewise, brilliant. If you’re unschooled on the splendor of Mr. Boulet then hit the unibar this Friday to see him play. I can personally guarantee you will not regret this decision.

Jonathan Boulet – You’re A Animal

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The City’s Hiatus

Nine days since my last post. An incomprehensible absence on The City’s behalf for which I must apologise. A few rad cats are still checking in (Damir, thank you for your abusive text as to why there has been no new material) which is sweet so to you I (more) sincerely apologise.

There is method to my madness however and what better way to showcase this than numbered bullet-points.

1. ETSA (see: http://www.cityoflostchildren.wordpress.com/2010/11/23/public-enemies/).

2. My impending trip to the USA in 2011.

3. I was in Melbourne for a solid part of last week.

4. Lé Cricket.

Now to the astute eye these may not seem like legitimate reasons, and you’re probably correct. I’m really just using these as an excuse for my laziness and lack of, shall we say ‘creative spark’ over the past two weeks. Point four holds the most credibility I feel. My recent forage into the upper echelons of Adelaide society as a SACA Member has allowed me to bask in the pretentious ambience of the newly built Member’s Pavilion at Adelaide Oval; a justified excuse for part of my absence…

I do have a lot of material from the Melbourne expedition that I will bring to you as soon as I find time too. I guarantee it won’t be as long a break as you have endured until now… And I will be looking to get back into the consistency of posting that y’all expect and so lavishly desire.

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