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First, let me illustrate that this has nothing to do with Henley Beach, or the tides/depth of water at Henley beach. And this post obviously holds no insight into the depth of people at Henley Beach because let’s face it; muzzas playing Guetta via a portable radio-esky aren’t stereotypically the most in-depth conversationalists.

Instead this is in reference to a certain Ms. Tenille Henley. The girlfriend of possibly the most outstanding footballer/ gentleman South Australia has produced in the last century [Matt Kelly]; Tenille has a tendency to drop into a deep and meaningful at the most obscure of times. It’s a personality trait that is as uncommon as it is endearing. For example, at the cricket last week I took time to venture out of the comfort of my restricted members area to have a few pints on the hill with some mates. Here I ran into the aforementioned beauty and as always we got talking. It wasn’t long until Ms. Henley started delving into the subtleties of life’s fragility. Too deep a topic at 7/263 with Lee steaming in to Trott on 98*? For some perhaps, but not on this day.

Parklife 09

She explained to me how close she had been to stepping on a snail earlier that week and how she had a moment of revelation and clarity as her foot hovered, inches above the helpless mollusk. Her words went a little something like this:

“I almost killed it and it just made me realize how quickly life can be taken away. It made me appreciate just how fragile life, even that of an insignificant snail, is.”

Yep, try mulling over that in 34 degree heat after a couple of vodkas and beers and see where your head ends up. It’s safe to say I enjoyed the butter chicken I devoured moments later that much more knowing that it just may be my last.

The Snail


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New York alt-rock gods The Strokes have announced that their new album titled ‘Angles’ will be arriving late March, with the 22nd currently laid down as the LP’s official date of release. The first single from album no.4 will be titled ‘Under Cover of Darkness’ and is due to drop in February some time. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long before basking in what is sure to be one of the albums of 2011.

They also announced the tracklist for the new album:

01 – Machu Picchu
02 – Under Cover of Darkness
03 – Two Kinds of Happiness
04 – You’re So Right
05 – Taken for a Fool
06 – Games
07 – Call Me Back
08 – Gratisfaction
09 – Metabolism
10 – Life Is Simple in the Moonlight

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Coachella 2011

So as far as festivals go, Coachella is the shit. This year’s lineup for the US April festival has once again brought the best in the business together for three days of ridiculously proportioned rock. I could be here all day listing off who’s going to be there but nobody wants to be bored with another list of what could’ve but never will be for them so I’ll just hit you with the biggest acts on the bill

– Arcade Fire

-Kanye West

-Kings of Leon

-The Strokes

-The National

-Animal Collective

-Mumford & Sons


-The Chemical Brothers

-Death From Above 1979

That is seriously just the tip of the iceberg. Hit up Pitchfork at http://pitchfork.com/news/41250-coachella-2011-lineup-revealed/ to check out who else is playing. You will literally be blown away. It’s insane!

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Welland Plaza Sushi Train celebrated their one year anniversary today with a $3 special. That’s right, all plates for three dollars. Bargain! After spending much of the afternoon at Henley; Burglin, Jo, Mundy, Johnno & I hit up the bonanza. The ten minute wait to be seated despite it being nowhere near the lunch or dinner rush did not detract from the experience in the slightest.

Fun was had. By all.

Apologies for the sub-par photography. Snappin’ on the move is a difficult task for an amateur running an iPhone 3. Don’t hate.

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I know that keeping everybody happy is a mathematical impossibility (well if not an impossibility, a highly improbable phenomenon) but for the last half decade triple j have managed to keep me happy. And you know; I’m an arrogant prick so I figure as long as I’m happy, everybody is happy, bypassing my prior logic and probability spiel… but disregard that.

In 2009 I accepted that while pop music had infiltrated the countdown with the commercial success of King’s of Leon’s 4th studio album and MGMT’s brilliant debut, the countdown stayed reasonably true. Last year, Mumford & Sons were clear and deserved winners of the prestigious number one position and again while traces of commercial radio success were apparent throughout the countdown, it paled in comparison to this year cuntdown (spelling mistake intended, petty on my behalf – maybe…).

The 2011 countdown

Hmmm, so do I begin with the fact that Art vs Science’s awful attempt at music (however catchy at 3am in a club) made the top 10 again or the fact that a fucking cover made the top 5? Are you (voters) fucking retarded must be the question that follows… ABC News Remix; again brilliant when you’re unaware of your surroundings in a dingy room an hour before the sun rises on a harsh Sunday morning but please, somebody illustrate to me how that is the eleventh best/hottest/most popular/fucking whatever song of the year because I just don’t get it?

And then to leave out masterpieces such as Kanye’s ‘Power’ and Yeasayer’s ‘Madder Red’ is just outrageous. I don’t know, maybe it’s a good thing that people don’t realise just how amazing some songs are or they may find a way to ruin them for me too. Maybe it’s nice to have a few last untapped resources floating around to provide me with some level of comfort. Ahh, the fickle nature of pop music. Yes that’s right, triple j really is nothing more than a glorified pop radio station.

I hate to be one of those cynical and pessimistic douche bags who do nothing but rant so I will slot in a few checks for the positive column from today.

– Mark Ronson ‘Bang Bang Bang’ #17

– Gotye ‘Eyes Wide Open’ #25

– The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio’ #31

– Kanye West ‘Monster’ #88

– Broken Bells ‘The High Road’ #95

While there were actually so many amazing songs in the countdown these were the ones that really stood out for me. The ones where you really wound the dial up and got down with the live stream. So for the few members of the public who did have their head screwed on correctly you have rekindled my hope in the human race (if only for a split second). To those of you who were really amped with the countdown; go listen to the 92.7 Freshest 92 of the year in 2012. Cunts.

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Summer has finally hit Adelaide. We’ve been rocking consistent days of 30+ weather, meaning the beach is so on right now. If you’re not lounging around on the sand though, chances are you’re riding your fixie round the bustling eastern city streets so I thought it was about time I threw a mixtape together to celebrate the belated coming of our favourite season. Chuck on your iPod, lean over those handlebars and drop a skid to these tunes.

I. Dr. Don Don – King of the Stars

II. The Go! Team – Buy Nothing Day (ft. Bethany Cosentino)

III. Gold Fields – Treehouse

IV. Tricky – Murder Weapon

V. Big Scary – Tuesday Is Rent Day

VI. Funeral Party-Finale

VII. Casiokids – Fot I Hose


VIII. The National – England

IX. The Go! Team – The Power Is On

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Rent Day

Check out the new clip from Big Scary. If you dig the tune download below.

Big Scary – Tuesday Is Rent Day

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