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Black Death 1349

The Middle East have already found a niche in all our hearts with their gorgeous sounds and will continue this amazing journey by releasing their long awaited debut album on April 8th. Titled I want that you are very happy, it is very exciting news for the Townsville locals who produce some of the most beautiful music our country has heard in a long time.

Keep an eye out for more info and release news as that date gets closer and for now, enjoy their new single Black Death 1349.

The Middle East – Black Death 1349


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I’m sure this gets said every year but the films and actors (and actresses for political correctness) that were in the running for the major prizes at today’s Academy Awards were ridiculous!

Colin Firth & The King’s Speech took major honours with best lead actor and best film respectively, while Natalie Portman was rewarded for her scintillating performance in/as the Black Swan. Christian Bale and Melissa Leo took out the best supporting male and female actors for their roles in The Fighter.

The King’s Speech‘s phenomenal outing was continued as Tom Hooper took out the best director award (over the likes of Aronofsky, Fincher, The Coen Brothers and David O. Russell) as well as the ‘best original screenplay writing’.

The Social Network scooped three Oscars for writing, music and editing while Inception took home four in the sound, visual and cinematography sections. Toy Story 3 and Alice in Wonderland both received two awards to round out the multiple winners.

Despite ten nominations True Grit failed to win any awards and 127 Hours came up short in all five nominated categories. James Franco was however fantastic as co-host with the beautiful Anne Hathaway and I know the video is crappy quality but it’ll give you a good idea of the opening skit the two made.

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Boxer – download

I just purchased a 12-inch of The National’s 2007 record Boxer and it comes with three digital copies of the album. I’ve already downloaded one for my computer but it seems a little excessive to keep three for myself. So if anybody wants a free digital copy of the album go to www.beggarsgroupusa.com/promo, enter the UPC: 607618025212 and the secret code: The National8TS37CGP for a free download.

Obviously only the first two people to do it will be able to download it so get on it…

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It’s a fickle world we live in where one minute it’s all about wearing three quarter ripped-knee denims and the next there is nothing but tight black floating around the streets. Still, some looks will never die and one of them is the cap (flat-brim for sure). It has seen somewhat of a resurgence in popularity these past few years so if you aren’t already throwin some cotton on your head it’s probably about time you started.

My new Timberwolves snap-back. Goes almost as well as a K. Love double-double…

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Melodramatic Mixtape

In lieu of the Knicks trading for ‘Melo to finally end months of speculation I’m throwin’ together my, what was at one point monthly, mixtape. I think it’s become more of an ‘unspecified period of time’ mix these days, so what better reason than seeing Carmelo in the blue and orange of NY is there?

IX. Cut Copy – Alisa

IIX. Parades – Hunters

VII. The Naked & Famous – Girls Like You

VI. Mogwai – George Square Thatcher Death Party

V. The National – Conversation 16

IV. Warpaint – Shadows

IIV. Cut Copy – Pharaohs & Pyramids

II. Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

I. The XX – Crystalised

Note 1: How sweet is the Photoshop job on the jersey above. Choice!

Note 2: I am aware that they are not the correct roman numerals. The symmetry just seemed comforting and right though…


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Mogwai – Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will


Mogwai’s career has thrived on the distortion heavy, guitar-driven music that seven albums later has become synonymous with the Scottish five-piece. ‘Hardcore will Never Die, But You Will’ ensures that this mould isn’t broken. Their tenure in the music business has reached a point where they have sculpted and re-defined their own genre (whatever that may actually be – some form of atmospheric, instrumental post-rock?) to such a point where whatever they release will be met with open arms. Don’t let this make you think that ‘Hardcore’ is simply a lazy replica of past productions though.


The album as a whole fits together very comfortably and it’s evident how much thought has been placed into every aspect of the production to create this polished feel (you would expect no less from such an experienced outfit). The dizzying, effect-pedal induced rock highs of lead-single Rano Pano perfectly contrast the sullen bass lows and whispered vocals of Stuart Braithwaite on Mexican Grand Prix, while the quiet interlude Letters to The Metro sets the mood for a launch into the powerful George Square Thatcher Death Party.


It’s refreshing to see a band that have in the past resisted the conventionalisms of traditional album structure to be willing to, for lack of a better word, conform to this structured style of production, so far into their career. Martin Bulloch’s smooth drumbeat on How to be a Werewolf will be one of the underappreciated highlights of ‘Hardcore’ as it gives a sense of drive and purpose that compliments the classic raw Mogwai guitar sound layered above.


Instrumental opener White Noise is a beautiful launching pad for an album that is full of emotional troughs and peaks, thought-provoking instrumentals and is yet another successful chapter in the sixteen year Mogwai story.

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Keeping with the ball theme of the All-Star Weekend you have to check this Nike/Kobe/Robert Rodriguez film.

-Is that a problem? – “Yeah…. For Them

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