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Heat Check

“The world is a better place when the Heat are losing.” Fuck yeah it is D.Wade, and for multiple reasons.

  1. Despite how much I love you and LeBron, the rest of your team are fucking useless pricks. I fucking hate Bosh with a passion.
  2. If the Bulls win, their fairytale season continues and EVERY neutral continues to ride the D.Rose bandwagon into the finals. Leaving me to back the Mavs (as I’ve done all playoffs cos my Warriors are shit) with no-one else but the true Mavs fans.
  3. Everybody hates you (not for the reasons I dislike you) meaning everyone is backing the Mavs. (Yep I’m basically just re-wording point 2, which is basically the only reason I wrote this post).


So, in short; Fuck you Miami Heat for upsetting me and the balance of the universe. Your ass-holery is not appreciated under my roof. Come on you Mavs, I guess…


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Draws are so fkn underwhelming and anti-climatic. A 1-1 result against a team who are well above us in the league is a good result but it really feels like we should’ve won. At least the pre-match tunes were up to scratch this week, I’ve been a little slack in the music department so far this season but we’re back in business.

With a little something for everyone, tonight’s playlist went like this:

Big Boi – Shutterbug (featuring Cutty)

Drapht – Sing It (The Life Of Riley)

Tonite Only – We Run The Night

OFWGKTA – Drop (By Earl Sweatshirt)

Justice – Civilization

The Amity Affliction – Anchors

Linkin Park – Lying From You

Nero – Me & You

Kanye West – Don’t Stop! (feat. Child Rebel Soldier)

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Muse 1 – Red Checkered shirt, dark jeans and matching vans

Muse 2 – Navy denim and light brown sweater (feat. quiff)

I overheard this conversation last night:

Have a sip man.

What is it?



Yeh man, you know I can’t afford alcohol.


*gags on taste*

Haha psyche, double scotch

Ass hole

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Search Party & Destroy

The latest Rad Omen instalment.

This I enjoy.

Directed by EIKNARF.

The cake has officially been iced.

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There is something to be said for a band that really knows their identity. For a band that have spent time discovering their strengths and weaknesses, play heavily to those strengths and shy shamelessly and intelligently away from their weaknesses. Architecture in Helsinki’s decade-long reign as an Australian indie-dance-pop favourite has helped them discover exactly who they are and their music has reaped the benefit.

Forget the scattered array of quote unquote ‘hip’ folk chatting amongst themselves in the beer garden during the show because the other ninety-five percent of The Gov were busy letting them know exactly what they were missing out on. The crowd happily surrendered to Architecture in Helsinki’s classic party atmosphere from the moment Cam Bird and co took to the stage. They cheered with delight as Bird and his cheeky grin strummed along to Hold Music, not letting up until they were ushered out of the venue’s notoriously narrow exit.

As far as the content of their set goes, Architecture in Helsinki seem to have a kind of Miami Heat style ‘Big-3’ thing going on. Their amazing ‘old’ favourite That Beep is one of, if not the catchiest song the band have ever written, while 2011 triple j monster tune Contact High is the only possible exception. What is the third entity of which this man speaks then you wonder? Duh, their incredible on-stage choreography and demeanour! How can you not have fun when the band is having so much fun on stage? How can you not dance when the band themselves have choreographed moves and are executing them (apart from the guitar player who was at times a little sloppy) perfectly?

Plenty of swaying, grooving, singing and humming, plenty of Heart It Races and plenty of fun later the satisfied crowd remembered just why Architecture in Helsinki have achieved such a dedicated fan-base who are more than happy to see them performing their seamless and energetic routine over and over. Architecture in Helsinki will continue to sit comfortably in the top echelon of Australian bands as they provide a model of consistency for bands looking to make it in a crowded local indie market.

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I’ve been a little bit Instagram trigger-happy of late. I suppose my inspiration has come from seeing so many of Alex (via Mike) and Jo’s (via twitter) amazing photos. Considering I am STILL stuck in the age of the iPhone 3 (don’t ask… stupid upgrade deals, fuck my life) I must use the applications at my disposal to the best of my ability. I think Brae and I came to the conclusion that the retro nature of the iPhone 3 actually made for some mother-fucking-chic moments in time.

Swag these snaps out.


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Me: “Holy shit! That looks amazing. I love that you have talent. I love people with talents!”

Her: “I love people without talent. I love the most boring people in the world…”




above: she

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