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In ten short hour

On a plane and then a train

At last at splendour



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it’s cold as shit…

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The lack of ‘expression’ lately here on the city of lost children, on facebook (to a lesser extent cos I just fucking love checking in) and other social networking mediums (twitter, instagram etc) has actually come about through a conscious decision to change my habits. I didn’t just get lazy and stop posting like some of you might think (cough Sarah and Grace) but my intention was to spend as little time as possible on social networking as I’ve noticed my general conversation skills and ability to communicate in the ‘real’ world to be in a serious decline since I started living on the macbook.

I’m not trying to suggest that everybody should stop relying so heavily on facebook and other internet based activity because what works for some people may not for others. For me, it was time to stop, for want of a better word, hiding behind profile pictures, clever names and meaningless posts. I will keep COLC up for a while still as I’m not sure what exactly I want to do with it (probably just post some more of those dope ass films we make………..) but for now I will enjoy actually having meaningful face-to-face conversations with other human beings rather than chatting to a screen every day. Sick.

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Mum: I want to get a new car. I want it to be red.


Steve: Red?


Mum: RED.


Steve: How red?


Mum: RED!


Steve: Like red, red?


Mum: Yeah, red…

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A man leans over. His hand, strong and masculine, protects the flickering flame from the harsh winter winds rippling through the city. The last leaves of autumn swirl eerily from the gutter, generating a dramatic scene of significance.  The dim amber glow of the flame radiates over her cheekbones as she draws breath. Her body becomes visibly tense for a moment as the euphoria of that first drag resonates through her very core. It is a moment of intimacy between two strangers, united by a common theme. Relief. Love. Desire. Ecstasy. Death. ‘An emotional supernova’. A split second of time immortalized by a shutter speed and a role of film. This is [brand name] Photography.

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Because all anybody is talking about is episode three…..

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