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Ohhhhh shit. I just realised that today is the one-year colc anniversary. daym that shit went fast. I’ll try and keep posting while I’m over here in the states y’all. peace^365 x


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Tron Cats

Fuck the fat lady it’s over when all the kids sing……

We pimped out our college crib radicals. The fridge is shit but it works and we have new art all over our mutha fu*kin walls. Check it wolf.


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International travel is a complicated experience. You sit for so long, pondering where you are heading. Where you’ve been. You remember all of the people who have gotten you to where you are now and you wonder who will take you further.

It’s a surreal experience. I almost feel as though I’m just going on a holiday. That soon I’ll be back home with all my family and friends. But that’s not my reality.

9 months.

The more I think about it the more I realise just how long that is. I guess only God knows what the future will bring me….

~ 08/13/11 SYD – DAL ~

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“No I won’t be no runaway, cause I won’t run” – psyche, I totally would. (Day 2 – listening to The National in my dorm half hour before practice #2 today)

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Mylo Xyloto

Only two and a half months until the October 25 release date of Coldplay’s new album Mylo Xyloto. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!

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Ranger Country

—————————— Day 1 ——————————

Alright so basically I am in the middle of fu*king nowhere here……. This college isn’t exactly what I expected, it’s not like all the glitz and glam you see in the movies but that’s probably because all the movies are Ivy League. I wish there was an Ivy League store here. Faaaark. I’m nowhere near any major cities (hour and a half), there is no public transport and I don’t have a car. This sht is so wack. Anyway, I flew in Saturday arvo and got held up by lines in customs for about an hour and a half. Thankfully Fernando and his brother were still waiting to pick me up because I was sure they would’ve bailed after like an hour had passed.

We drove back to Nando’s house in Ft.Worth where I met his family briefly and picked up all his crap for college. TV, fridge, carpet, clothes; the works. Shit, I have nothing I thought to myself, a realisation that was even more apparent when I was told I needed my own sheets and pillow. Lame. Walmart is only a 10 minute drive down the road so I picked up the bare essentials so I could actually sleep and just crashed.

—————————— Day 2 ——————————

My roommate Jelani is a good lad. Him and his girl Paola (I think) have a pet hedgehog that lives with us. It’s the coolest/ cutest thing ever and sleeps with its head in an empty toilet roll to get out of the light. So we don’t have a fridge or TV yet but it’s cool, Jelani’s family are gonna bring that up this week sometime (hopefully) so we can start living better. Oh and we aren’t allowed in the girls dorms because apparently a couple of years ago the football team (which no longer exists) liked to get their rape on… wtf. why am I here?

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feat. Luda

“i got halfway thru and realised one of the suggested links was jess mauboy’s new hit so i went for that instead…”
“great decision!”
“link me”
“love jess mauboy”
“it’s no saturday night feat. Luda but ya know…”

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