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~Written in a hazy, sleep-deprived state, somewhere over the Atlantic, or Pacific, or Arizona perhaps? I drifted in and out of consciousness and existence for two days of merciless altitudes and terminals~

At this point I’ve completely lost all concept of time. Days, minutes, hours, seconds – altitudes, speeds, temperatures – local times, arrival times. Destinations. Departures. Desolation. The cold realisation of solitude, sandwiched between two people and a hastily stashed tray-table.  Where am I? When am I?

The concept of home seems so foreign to me right now. My home is in Adelaide, but I haven’t been there in so long. My home is in Ranger; a town I despise, full of people I adore. My home was just in Paris, with my brother and sister – a true sign of love. My home is in my heart, which lies in El Paso – the magnitude of what she holds unbeknownst to her; its protector. My soul lies somewhere between these places, thrown around as haphazardly as myself and my luggage as we drift in and out of turbulence, making less and less sense…



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Check out Louis Blanc for all the latest on the Adelaide kids formerly known as Nazarite Vow.

Note: I may have a genetic predisposition to one member (arguably two), but I feel as though that is cancelled by my unwavering hatred for the artist known as Bjear…

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International travel is a complicated experience. You sit for so long, pondering where you are heading. Where you’ve been. You remember all of the people who have gotten you to where you are now and you wonder who will take you further.

It’s a surreal experience. I almost feel as though I’m just going on a holiday. That soon I’ll be back home with all my family and friends. But that’s not my reality.

9 months.

The more I think about it the more I realise just how long that is. I guess only God knows what the future will bring me….

~ 08/13/11 SYD – DAL ~

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feat. Luda

“i got halfway thru and realised one of the suggested links was jess mauboy’s new hit so i went for that instead…”
“great decision!”
“link me”
“love jess mauboy”
“it’s no saturday night feat. Luda but ya know…”

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A New Hope

Moving to America in four days. fuckyeahnewbeginningsandadventures. I’ll see you next May, Adelaide…

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Who doesn’t love local talent? Check out a few of Laura’s garments on her tumblr and if you like what you see scope out her facebook to buy. I think they’re all one-off dresses so get in fast… I’m just waiting for her to branch into male clothing so I can score some sweet new threads too.

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taste test

Gah! Still waiting for this damn program. Threw this together in about 10 minutes using Bjear’s iphone vids because I was bored and sick of waiting to make this film!!!

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