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Damir Metljak.

In summary: A man of understated charisma and style, he is one of the few remaining gentlemen from a dying breed who have been left to ponder and wander this earth with humility and grace.

He is a very complex and talented man and there is nothing (and probably no-one; gorgeous bastard) that isn’t within his reach; however his true calling lies in his expertise as a modern-day poet. Born two centuries too late he now has the unique opportunity to use his delicate craftsmanship to transport his readers back to nobler and richer times with his linguistic prowess. He’s a genuine connoisseur of literature and life and a fucking inspiration.

Such words of praise should not just be accepted and taken for truth from what could be considered a bias point of view though. I’d rather let you read a few extracts from his work and allow you the privilege of experiencing exactly how talented he is with ink and pad (or in this case keyboard and screen, but excuse the modern-day mediums for expressing literature). Damir is a traditionalist who would no doubt use nothing but the aforementioned tools given the opportunity.

Asshole: “Good point young lad” [he wasn’t English by the way, but I thought such a suggestion of snotty, smuggish snobbish-ness would incite unfair prejudicial discrimination, and thus rally support for my shrinking cause. Nevertheless]… “Good point young lad, let me see: well during the pasteurisation process of skim milk I can charge you what I want you FU#%, and seeing as you’re 1) too lazy to complain, you’ll 2) not want to be seen as a tight-arse complaining wuss, there’s fu#% all you can [and will], do about it.”

 A compelling argument indeed you leaching, money-grabbing asshole.

– Extracted from An essay on a morning coffee trip (Metljak 2011)

Such words, however, were not scripted from a man of Hollywood appearance, whose jaw-line could make even the most pious of women quiver like a lute.

– Extract from An essay on Love Letters (Meltjak 2011)


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I am possibly [well probably, nay almost definitely] biased in my opinion that some of the most amazing artists and people are those that I know. Now I’m sure everybody knows somebody with ‘talent’ but it’s the individuals who are not only talented at what they do but at who they are that intrigue me. The people that live every day the way they want to live it, not the way others want them to. The people that love what they do and what they create unconditionally, but understand that there is more to ‘it’ than just that.

So whenever I get around to it I’m going to write about how much these people mean to me and how much I appreciate having them in my life.


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