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Why do I not own this hat? FML!


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Who doesn’t love local talent? Check out a few of Laura’s garments on her tumblr and if you like what you see scope out her facebook to buy. I think they’re all one-off dresses so get in fast… I’m just waiting for her to branch into male clothing so I can score some sweet new threads too.

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So my brother moved to France today…

And while it’s unbelieavbly rad for him it kinda sucks for me. I will shower him with a brief paragraph of praise; comfortable knowing he’s not nearly enough of a pretentious wanker to care about my blog and hence will not read this.

The next time I see him will be for Christmas in Paris/Annecy so for the next six months I am essentially void of a brother, role model and good mate. With whom will I go on Bob-funded Country Road sessions with now (apply below)? With whom will I reminisce over classic childhood movies, with whom will I scrimmage and with whom will I share clothes, music and EST pizza?

Actually now that I think about it I do most of those things with Aj, Damir, Brad, Dan, Willow, Dos and Bear anyway. Still, the gap he leaves behind cannot be filled. I will take a sliver of comfort in the fact that I will be invading and occupying his room in the coming months, basking in the vast superiority of his television and sound-system though… That’s a win for all involved.

Peace out and enjoy the 34 hours in transit you flight-mule!

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There are just so many blogs out there. An infinite number, with infinite possibilities. You could search every moment of every day and still not find them all and I love that! However, one thing I love even more is my few friends that have blogs. Only tonight did I stumble across one of these precious moments when I discovered that my high school bff (one of) had been recording her thoughts and photos in chronological order online (fancy way of saying blogging.. whaddup).

Melody Le. One of the most gifted human-beings I have had the pleasure of coming into contact with. Smart, beautiful, funny etc. She is a walking ‘checks all the boxes‘. I’ve seen many a man fall instantly in love with her and I’m sure there will be more. Check her blog out via the link below if you’re not already sold on her. I guarantee you will be after say, ten-fifteen seconds.


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A couple of months ago I applied for an internship at Spook magazine in Melbourne. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful in procuring the job but I was fortunate enough to make it through a few of the screening processes, receive an interview with the editor and get a nice trip to Melbourne out of it so all was not lost. I had the opportunity to write a few pieces during the application process so I thought I would share those here.

The first piece of work that they required for the internship was an application/cv; unsure exactly what I was supposed to include in it I came up with this.

Check out the application/cv: Spook Intern Application

I guess they liked it, or maybe it was just marginally better than the other applications they received and they were subsequently left with no choice but to handball me through but anyway, with the initial application a distant memory (of like three days) Spook asked me (and the other applicants who passed the first screening) to produce a piece based on one of three categories. I can’t remember what they were but I chose to interview the nice folk down at Treadly; the bike store on Ebenezer Plc. and despite my expectations, or lack thereof, the crew at Spook liked it.

Scope the interview: ‘Treading Lightly’ 

Alex and I went down to the store on a balmy summer night and took a few freelance shots to accompany the interview and about two weeks later I was on a flight to the V.I.C…

It’s safe to say the magazine hasn’t crumbled without my presence (I’m not sure whether I would have liked it to or not, after all it is my favourite magazine) and their website/blog activity has continued to grow over 2011 so keep an eye out for their next issue when it hits shelves this Winter.

Try not to enjoy it too much though, the ass holes did cut me after all…


Have a gander at Spook’s blog here if you’re still bored…

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Finding new and innovative ways to define ‘cool’ has always been something The Strokes seemed to do with ease. Whatever they did was effortlessly labeled as such because… it was. Their latest piece of cool mastery came as they performed You’re So Right in black and white on Jimmy Fallon this week. The song sounds great live and is yet another arrow in the bow of ‘fucking awesomeness’ known as The Strokes.

They really are the poster children for society’s hip.

Seriously, who doesn’t love the NY rockers? Anybody?

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There are a few things that I would consider myself to be good at but unfortunately (I suppose) there are most certainly some I am bad at. One of those is keeping track of my possessions. I don’t mean I go out every weekend and lose my phone (Devlin, R 2010) or major items but I have a tendency to lend people my CD’s and DVD’s and forget. I am also quite prone to leaving clothes at people’s houses (a phenomenon which is reciprocated by my friends as they often leave clothes at mine) and this has led to me losing a good few of my favourite possessions over the last six to twelve months.

So if any of these items below have miraculously materialized in your wardrobe or DVD collection over that period of time I would be eternally grateful for their swift return.



As is the case with all my gay paint-job pics you have to open in a new window to view them.

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