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taste test

Gah! Still waiting for this damn program. Threw this together in about 10 minutes using Bjear’s iphone vids because I was bored and sick of waiting to make this film!!!


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Ottoman Empire are in the midst of producing an amazing Splendour 2011 piece. Once I have the converter that allows me to import files to FCPro in an avi format (so that it has decent sound and picture quality) I can go about sorting through the 180 (ish) videos taken over the weekend. And then I’ll take a look at all of Bjear’s from his iPhone. Keep an eye out, this is going to be mint. Eventually.

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Because all anybody is talking about is episode three…..

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What an intense evening. With all of my random footage thrown sporadically together for episode 1, Bear and I ventured out into town to get more shots. Little did we know that we would be up until 6am making episode two of the lamely titled ‘How To Make It In Adelaide‘ when he arrived at mine to hang though.

Swag it out here yo.

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So I know I’ve been really lazy with the city lately. And for that I apologise…

But believe it or not I have been busy doing some crap. I just got a new video editing program so I’ve been trying to get my head around all of the new features and all of the possibilities that come with it. I’ve thrown this episode together quite hastily as I needed a project to help me iron out the program’s workings.. Swag it out yo.

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So my brother moved to France today…

And while it’s unbelieavbly rad for him it kinda sucks for me. I will shower him with a brief paragraph of praise; comfortable knowing he’s not nearly enough of a pretentious wanker to care about my blog and hence will not read this.

The next time I see him will be for Christmas in Paris/Annecy so for the next six months I am essentially void of a brother, role model and good mate. With whom will I go on Bob-funded Country Road sessions with now (apply below)? With whom will I reminisce over classic childhood movies, with whom will I scrimmage and with whom will I share clothes, music and EST pizza?

Actually now that I think about it I do most of those things with Aj, Damir, Brad, Dan, Willow, Dos and Bear anyway. Still, the gap he leaves behind cannot be filled. I will take a sliver of comfort in the fact that I will be invading and occupying his room in the coming months, basking in the vast superiority of his television and sound-system though… That’s a win for all involved.

Peace out and enjoy the 34 hours in transit you flight-mule!

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