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So my brother moved to France today…

And while it’s unbelieavbly rad for him it kinda sucks for me. I will shower him with a brief paragraph of praise; comfortable knowing he’s not nearly enough of a pretentious wanker to care about my blog and hence will not read this.

The next time I see him will be for Christmas in Paris/Annecy so for the next six months I am essentially void of a brother, role model and good mate. With whom will I go on Bob-funded Country Road sessions with now (apply below)? With whom will I reminisce over classic childhood movies, with whom will I scrimmage and with whom will I share clothes, music and EST pizza?

Actually now that I think about it I do most of those things with Aj, Damir, Brad, Dan, Willow, Dos and Bear anyway. Still, the gap he leaves behind cannot be filled. I will take a sliver of comfort in the fact that I will be invading and occupying his room in the coming months, basking in the vast superiority of his television and sound-system though… That’s a win for all involved.

Peace out and enjoy the 34 hours in transit you flight-mule!


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Look, I’ve never been one to ask for too much. I’m content with what I have (to a certain extent) and don’t like to whinge too much.

[Ok that’s not completely true; I often ask for more than I deserve, whinge and expect more than I have/get. But that’s not the point.]

What I want. All I want… Is a spring-loaded door at Cocolat. I’m sick of that cold chill I get every time some obnoxious jerk leaves the door gaping open. Cocolat; you make enough money, so please invest like $50 on a bloody door that will close itself.

Kindest regards.

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Pretty disapointed with the quality of the service at The Pink Pig last night…

They were rude, occupied and didn’t give us any complimentary bread. I’m no expert, but that’s not exactly a sure-fire way to get customers to return to the restaurant. Luckily for them their steaks more than made up for their attitude. They could spit on me as they walked past and I’d still return for that meat. Fucking de-licious!

Present: Solagna, A; Giacomelli, A; Rocca, A; Williams, B; Beythein, S; Day, S.

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According to The Barun, Bar 9 do the best coffee in Adelaide. Now I can’t claim to have had coffee from each and every established proprietor off the goods city-wide so I’m not at liberty to make claims of this magnitude, however after indulging in a dessert and siphon from there this afternoon it’s not hard to see why their product is held in such high esteem.

Brae, being the (soon to be re) unemployed waste of time he seems to be accompanied me on the expedition down to Glen Osmond Rd to finally experience the Bar 9 prestige. [As always] Instagram documented our trip…


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Muse 1 – Red Checkered shirt, dark jeans and matching vans

Muse 2 – Navy denim and light brown sweater (feat. quiff)

I overheard this conversation last night:

Have a sip man.

What is it?



Yeh man, you know I can’t afford alcohol.


*gags on taste*

Haha psyche, double scotch

Ass hole

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I often find a build-up of photos when I connect my iPhone to my laptop that I haven’t done anything with and usually it’s too late to bother writing anything about them but I thought today I’d throw a few up for y’all to swag.

23/04/11 – Moonta w/ Tony & Family.

Tony got sick for most of the time I was there so we ended up spending more time with his family than him. Lucky Revs n co. are gurus…

BBQ steak night. AMAZING!

Ray (former Sosta’s chef) and Lou (The Chief) cooking dinner. See previous photo’s adjectival description and re-apply…

25/04/11 – Wine n Cheese @ Josh’s Pad

“People always come in and give me resumes, but I don’t want to lose my job so I throw them in the bin…” – Matthew Mylrea between over-filled glasses of under-appreciated red wine and a 70-30% pepper cheese to cracker ratio.

28/04/11 – Aa & Rat vs Possum @ Format

Dinner @ Dumpling King, Chinatown pre-show. Left: Thompson, A; Right: Rocca, A.

29/04/11 – Cooter’s Cut

Brad’s mop desperately needed a shear and rather than waste anywhere between $15 and $40- depending on how metro-a-cut he was gonna rock he came to his local barber for a trim. Choice.

06/05/11 – Dinner @ EST

Wood-oven pizza is in. Fact. EST do a mean rendition of one of Adelaide’s ‘it’ foods right now too. If you’ve never been there before they’re on East Tce. at the old Tapedeck Razorblade. If you can, eat upstairs to experience the classic european style and decor while taking in the sights and sounds of Eastern Adelaide. Company included Met, Coot, J.Day, Case and Mundy. Our waiter was fantastic as well; nice, approachable, friendly and knowledgeable. Tip earned.

John’s dinner.

My meal yo.

08/05/11 – Mother’s Day

One of the best things about having a big garden is the availability of flowers at any time. I don’t have to drive past one of the eighty-five flower stalls on North East Rd to get Mum a nice bouquet; I just go for a walk around the garden with a pair of snips and bucket of water. My mum is totally into the whole non-commercialsim of Mother’s Day too so a ‘thought & effort present’ always goes down well. Love you mum! x

Swag the bouquet!

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There is only one way a good party should end…

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