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A man leans over. His hand, strong and masculine, protects the flickering flame from the harsh winter winds rippling through the city. The last leaves of autumn swirl eerily from the gutter, generating a dramatic scene of significance.  The dim amber glow of the flame radiates over her cheekbones as she draws breath. Her body becomes visibly tense for a moment as the euphoria of that first drag resonates through her very core. It is a moment of intimacy between two strangers, united by a common theme. Relief. Love. Desire. Ecstasy. Death. ‘An emotional supernova’. A split second of time immortalized by a shutter speed and a role of film. This is [brand name] Photography.


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how can you watch someone fall and fall for you when you don’t intend to catch them? how can you know that she loves you with everything she has and still look her in the eye? how can you watch someones world break? how can you be the one who’s breaking it? i just don’t understand. i never fucking will.

from missinginachronicle

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I’m getting pretty sick of people using the word ‘eclectic’ in every single review, essay, interview and biography I read. I get it. It’s a rad word. But now it’s a rad word being ruined. I read an online magazine earlier and the word was used to describe three of the eight albums reviewed, one of the books and even the clothing store interviewed.

Tone it the fuck down for a while please ‘writers’.

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2 parcels arrived for me yesterday.

One was my copy of the Ball Street Journal.

The other my free iPod nano from flybuys.

Swag my life out 😀

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I am trapped.

Unable to shake the unbelievable frustration at not being able to find that word. That precise articulation that in my mind expresses my feelings as eloquently as I believe they deserve to be. I remove my headphones and enquire with the others around me. We stare into oblivion, desperately searching through the depths of our minds for that word that will strip me (now us) of my (now our) frustration.

It doesn’t come…

Seconds become minutes and minutes turn to hours. Still nothing arises.

I fear I will not sleep well tonight.

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I find that I have trouble sleeping. All the time. It’s never as easy as it used to be. My mind is a cauldron, bubbling and brimming with thoughts and ideas while it should be resting. It’s frustrating but at times refreshing and productive. At least 70-80% of my cough “creative” ideas come from obscure tangents and trains-of-thought which arrive during the wee hours of the morning.

Sprawled across my double bed, alone as usual, ideas pop in and out of my head. More often than not they are useless but occasionally a thought of promise will arise. Sometimes I find myself getting up to ‘note’ them in my phone, scribble them down in my journal or even document them on my mac.

Tonight’s agenda [in brief]:

  1. Going-away party – Underground party in an abandoned house/ apartment/ warehouse/ something – Smirnoff ‘I Was There’ Party style
  2. Ways to sneak into gigs and clubs. I have come up with more methods that I will test in the coming weeks. These I shall keep to myself for the time being though.

And THEN that song gets stuck in your head…

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It’s 1:14 and you have a big game tomorrow but you don’t care. You’ve just got home and rolled into the warmth of your heated double bed. You love still living at home. Love not paying for rent or food. You turn on your macbook and plug in your battery-diminished iPhone. You love your slavery and conformity to the apple way of life. Your home page is the mac ‘top sites’ page. You open facebook to see what your friends have been doing tonight. None of them are as interesting as you. You open your blog but have nothing interesting to write about. You laugh to yourself at the irony. You bring up your emails because it seems like the logical progression. You have one from your editor. He loves your latest review. He makes a personal joke in the email and signs off with a new name. It reminds you of your early high school days. Others wouldn’t understand it. You click the link to the site. You only care about checking the reviews. Four of the eight reviews featured are yours. Ecstasy overcomes you.

You hope the ecstasy tomorrow night will compare…

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