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Day 20: A song that is special to you

Chloe Castledine – Don’t Forget Me

Well it’s about time huh? The final day of the song challenge has arrived so you don’t need to worry about all these lame posts anymore… This final category is a really cool one to go out on as well because it allows me to choose a song that holds specific significance with me. That’s why I’ve chosen my favourite track from my cousin (in-law)’s fantastic debut EP ‘Don’t Forget Me’.

She is an amazing singer who has spent her life singing in various groups and church bands and has finally been able to take the necessary steps to release her long awaited solo record. Having the privilege of hearing some of the tracks from the debut before its release gave me an insight into what to expect from a well-produced and fantastic collection of tracks.

Don’t Forget Me, the EP’s title track, in particular is special to me. It is Chloe’s best track and is a great song musically and lyrically. Check out more of her stuff on iTunes or hit up ‘The Angels’ playing at The Lion Hotel on the first Friday of every month.

Listen: Chloe Castledine – Feather

Honourable Mention: Chloe Castledine – Get Away


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Day 19: Your favourite song right now

Nam-Live! – The Church of Nam

I’m not surprised that this is one of the categories in the challenge but now that I’ve come to it I doubt its credibility. My favourite song ‘right now’ changes, like almost daily and considering a week ago I’d never even heard of Nam-Live!, it really demonstrates the fickle nature of a ‘favourite song’.

I heard this song on one of lastnightsparty’s awesome videos and luckily enough someone else had enquired into the origins of the tune, allowing me to piggy-back their response and get on board. Two days from now I’ll probably be over it and will never think of it again but as it stands, right now; I love this beat… It’s crazy!

Rather than putting just this song on the post I’ve thrown up bronques’ entire ep.13 where I found it. Nam-Live!’s track is the one with the black dude walking at the camera rapping and the chicks smoking in the car at the start…

listen/download: Nam-Live! – The Church Of Nam

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Day 18: A song you listen to when you’re sad

The National – England

I think that when you are sad there are two ways you can approach your state of mind. You can either pick yourself up, take on that false optimism approach and pretend everything will be fine (which in all likeliness it actually will), or you can throw on some melancholic and completely sombre beats and let the emotion overcome you for a while.

Now depending on the circumstances leading up to and causing the aforementioned sadness, one of these two routes will be explored and an appropriate soundtrack selected. For the purposes of this post I will be attacking the avenue of melancholy and despair, the avenue of stewing in your sadness and letting your emotions take some control, the passionate avenue of accepting your sadness and dealing with it naturally.

When one travels down this ‘avenue’ there is no better band, album and song than The National, ‘High Violet’ and England. The slow, progressive nature of the track takes your despair and creates an environment of darkness, desolation and solitude in your mind (note: it probably helps if you are in a dark place, alone). This song may take you further into the depths of despair than you had previously been but it also aids your cause. It’s proven to have the qualities of a stepping-stone; Sherpa-ing you along your journey to a place of hope, a place that is not full of darkness and despair but enriched with light and the prospect of joy.

So next time you get dumped or are just feeling generally shit; grab ‘High Violet’ off the shelf (or, cough, internet) and bask in the experience. Or just go out and get laid, right?

Listen/ Download: The National – England

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Day 17: A song you loved but now hate.

Art Vs Science – Parlez Vous Francais?

I’ve actually been putting off doing this one for a few days because I couldn’t think of any songs that I loved but now legitimately hate. Cue: Art Vs Science. Helping me realise there are songs of this nature could be the first decent thing Art Vs Science have done for me since winning the Triple J Unearthed competition with Flippers in like ’08. Ah, that was a choice time…

Like most of Art Vs Science’s early tracks, on release I was blown away by Parlez Vous Francais. I thought it was fresh and exciting and instantly fell in love with it. Cue: Nova, SAFM, Channel V and the general public. It didn’t take too long for this song to be everywhere (and I really mean everywhere). To make things worse everybody was loving it too. I’m kind of a pretentious dick, especially when it comes to music so when I’m into something and it becomes massive I get protective and then ultimately turn on my former love. This has resulted in me resenting almost everything about pop radio (except Derulo, obviously), the general public who feed the mainstream beast and especially Art Vs Science. So lads, I’m sorry. I dug you once upon a time but that day seems like a distant memory, lost but for the chronicled thoughts of The City.

More like; ‘Parlez Vous Fuck Head?’

NOTE: I’m not putting a video up of this track. Why would I want a video of a song I hate on my blog? That’s counter-productive and just dumb. I chose the (arguably) more mature option of defacing a photo in Microsoft Paint instead…

Art Vs Science – Parlez Vous FuckHead?

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Day 16: Your favourite song from a TV series

Aloe Blacc – I Need a Dollar

This magnificent tune is the theme song for the eight episode first series of HBO’s How to Make It in America; a show which follows the lives of two young guys doing whatever they can to try to make it in New York.

It was the hit single from Aloe Blacc’s critically acclaimed 2010 record ‘Good Things’ and continues to receive (occasional) air-time on Australian national radio. He played a show at Rocket Bar a few months ago which I unfortunately couldn’t get to but if you want to know anything about Aloe, just ask his biggest fan; Emily Hanna.

Listen/download: Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar (HTMIIA Intro – youtube)

>>Honourable Mention: Fat Segal – Skins Theme Song<<

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Day 15: A song that motivates you

Bring Me The Horizon – Chelsea Smile

Nothing like bone-chilling breakdowns and the sonic boom of a good Bring Me The Horizon track to get you jacked up, right? Their sophomore album Suicide Season; guaranteed to be blaring from the Volvo speakers on the way to every soccer game I’ve played in, has been my go-to soundtrack for the last two years.  Typically, with a few minutes ’til arrival I’ll skip back to track two and let Chelsea Smile go to town on my stereo and eardrums.

Bring Me The Horizon – Chelsea Smile

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Day 14: A song from your favourite band

Kings of Leon – Four Kicks

This was easily the hardest category I’ve had to choose so far because I have absolutely no idea who my favourite band is right now. For the past twelve months the ‘prestigious’ title has fluctuated between The Strokes, The National, Yeasayer and Kanye West, having all released blinding albums, played epic shows in Australia or done both in 2010.

Ultimately, my decision came down to the fact that before Only By The Night was released, Kings of Leon were my undisputed favourite band. Their debut, sophomore and third records are still easily three of my record collection’s most beloved and the image I maintain in my head of the ‘family-turned-rock band’ before 2008 is reason enough to let them continue to sit atop my list.

Be warned though yé gentleman of Nashville; you may have found yourself situated atop the peak for some time but your position is certainly not eternal. It’s time you rekindled the southern spirit embodied in your early work and re-lit the fires of passion your fans once held so dear for you.

Enjoy Four Kicks y’all!

Download/Listen: Kings of Leon – Four Kicks

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