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It’s only six months late but the album of the year has finally arrived. Jay Z & Kanye West’s collaborative (referred to as ‘The Throne’ now) is absolutely ridiculous. Like, downright fucking epic! I am never, ever listening to anything else again… My life’s music quota has been fulfilled with Watch The Throne.

You know I’ll be checking them out on their US national tour when they come through Dallas in December. What the fu*k is up!

Listen/download below yo:

Jay Z & Kanye West – Niggas In Paris

Jay Z & Kanye West – No Church In the Wild (feat. Frank Ocean)


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So my brother moved to France today…

And while it’s unbelieavbly rad for him it kinda sucks for me. I will shower him with a brief paragraph of praise; comfortable knowing he’s not nearly enough of a pretentious wanker to care about my blog and hence will not read this.

The next time I see him will be for Christmas in Paris/Annecy so for the next six months I am essentially void of a brother, role model and good mate. With whom will I go on Bob-funded Country Road sessions with now (apply below)? With whom will I reminisce over classic childhood movies, with whom will I scrimmage and with whom will I share clothes, music and EST pizza?

Actually now that I think about it I do most of those things with Aj, Damir, Brad, Dan, Willow, Dos and Bear anyway. Still, the gap he leaves behind cannot be filled. I will take a sliver of comfort in the fact that I will be invading and occupying his room in the coming months, basking in the vast superiority of his television and sound-system though… That’s a win for all involved.

Peace out and enjoy the 34 hours in transit you flight-mule!

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It’s Monday evening and Carmelina sends me a text. “Sooo are you free tonight? xx” (I’m not sure how many o’s were actually in ‘so’ but you get the gist)

Stock standard structure of an S.Day reply goes a little something like this:

1. Begin text with cheerful greeting so recipient is immediately receiving a positive response (i.e. Heyy, Yo, Hey you (emoticons and double consonant use optional)).

2. Ask a question to generate more positivity from the recipient. Asking them a question demonstrates that you do care about them (easy q’s: how was your weekend? / how was the wedding, did they have good food?). Fuck. It’s simple, right?

3. Politely shut them down.

4. Suggest ‘perhaps another time’ to re-inspire their hope but ensure you give a rough time-frame so that a) they are working on your terms, b) they forget about the negativity in point 3 and c) if you can’t be fucked later you’re really not accountable… (sorry Carmelina)

Now after this sequence of dot points (it summated to like a three sentence text, well within the basic 25c structure of a standard text message) was sent, Carmelina dutifully replied; answering my questions and making a note to take me up on the ‘later-time offer’. [“Just let me know! xx” – see 4a, brilliant]


This particular Monday the reason she had text me was to go see her friend play a small-scale set at the Crown & Anchor. **Note: Dimensions of text conversation instantly changed upon discovery of set, again sorry Carmelina…**

Her friend’s name is Jayne West and from all reports (Carmelina’s basic critical analysis as well as a short Rip It Up/DB piece) she’s worth seeing live. It seems that both local publications and Carmelina were correct in their examination of Jayne’s live show because I (and Damir, I dragged him along so I didn’t have to go Derulo) was blown away. Her raw and beautiful Sarah Blasko/ Lisa Mitchell-esque originals and awkwardly charismatic and hilarious on-stage banter gelled into what was one of the best low-key shows I’ve seen in a long time.

She is definitely a talent to watch and with so much untamed grandeur in her voice and a gorgeous stage presence she has the potential to really take the Australian music scene by storm. I haven’t asked permission to put a track up on here (she sells EP’s for $10, I bought one so deal with my sharing exploits Ms. West) so grab it while you can before she becomes world famous and I get the pants sued off of me for illegally posting music.

Peace x

Jayne West – Back To You

For more info on Jayne, scope out her website here.

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To anybody that has ever had to endure watching a movie with a parent, oh God I can empathise.

It is torturous!

It’s as if somewhere, ingrained so deep within parents is a desire to irritate their children that they ask pointless, annoying and probing questions at the most inappropriate of times (not to suggest there is actually an appropriate time).

They pick the middle of the film as a convenient hour to start cooking dinner with the fan on high and so much excess oil in the pan that it can’t help but sizzle to the average decibel reading of a small-scale rock concert, forcing you to ‘up the volume’ past forty-five.

Note: Chances are they will then have the audacity to make a wise crack like “is it loud enough?”; a rhetorical question so invigorating that there is no outcome other than frustration and anger.


Now, I highly doubt any parents will read this (unless you’re enjoying all the joys of teen-pregnancy (16 & Pregnant is one of my MTV faves so no judgment)) but should they do so, heed these here words of advice.

One – IF your children are nice enough to let you watch a movie with them (I don’t care if it’s technically your TV, be thankful) do not talk during the movie and do not ask stupid questions about the plot they can’t possibly know already. Think about it; they have experienced exactly the same amount of cinema as you, how could they possibly hold more insight into ‘who or what that might be’?

Two – Do not start making any other form of commotion mid-film, just sit there and enjoy it…

Three – Fucking Quietly!


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I’m considering writing a ‘sneaking into festivals for dummies’ hand guide and rather than selling it to the public, making a fortune issuing them out to halfwit security guards and the fat cats making money off them behind the scenes. Gone are the days when you even have to jump a few fences and run into a crowd before you’re grabbed.

Apparently all you have to do is walk straight through the back gate…

Well, this is how simple life seemed to be for me on a fortuitous Adelaide Cup Public Holiday at FMF anyway. There were three guards standing at the gate talking and I walked straight past them from Hackney Rd and didn’t turn back. Free entry into one of the best days on the calendar… Choice.

From here I walked around backstage for a while (past at least five or ten more security personnel), soaking it up in the restricted access area before walking out (past two more guards) without a ticket, wristband, VIP or AAA tag. Now granted they are useless, but I can’t be too critical of them because without their ineptitude to carry out the simplest of tasks, my day wouldn’t have been what it was.

I got to Tame Impala, Gypsy & The Cat, Pendulum, Chemical Brothers and MGMT during the event as well as getting down right dirty with my girl Ke$ha and relishing the amazing party that was Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. A clear highlight of the day, Ronson and Co. performed a great set full of new and old tracks (no Valerie, ouch) to an ecstatic and lively audience, gurgling on every note.

JonnyRatkePhotography captured all of the day’s action brilliantly as always. For more snaps from the lens guru ch-ch-check his FMF album out here.

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I had the pleasure of witnessing my first ever full-tilt bar brawl last night at work. It started out as every fight seems to with a couple of drunk heroes exchanging words, however it escalated into a five to ten minute, fifteen man free for all as glasses and chairs were hurled across the room at one other and drunken limbs went flailing in a mass of blood soaked bodies in the middle of the room.

Unfortunately it took about an extra hour to clean up the bar and I had to wait around giving police statements until 4:30am. Totally worth it though…

I may have also spent the last half hour watching bar fights, which later developed into chick fights on youtube. Brilliant.

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