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Holy crap this looks so fly. Hanna takes props for the hook-up. No doubts, it’s gonna be amazing.


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barbra streisand

yehhhhhh duck sauce. sweet vid starring kanye, pharrell, chromeo, ezra (vw) and more. such a ripping track…

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summer shows

em was straight on the line to let me know the exciting news of n*e*r*d’s upcoming adelaide sideshow. they will be supported by chromeo, one of my favourite new acts of twenty-ten (apologies if you are some pretentious futurist who knew about them before this year, but i didn’t). the downside is the ninety odd clams you’ll be giving away to go see them but i can assure that it will be well worth the coin. if you’re after deets its on jan sixth (thurs) at the entertainment centre and tickets are available through ticketek as of this friday. get amongst it


a few other acts who are in radelaide over the next few months i’d be getting amped to see: 

children collide @ the gov – fri 24 sep (this friday) 

cloud control @ fowlers – sat 2 oct 

gypsy & the cat @ jive – sun 3 oct 

boy & bear @ fowlers – thu 7 oct 

little red @ the gov – sat 23 oct 

the new pornographers @ fowlers – sun 14 nov 

bag raiders @ hq – fri 26 nov (tix on sale tomorrow) 

parades @ jive – fri 29 oct 

philly j’s @ the gov – fri 10 dec

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loving my latest addition to the iphone app collection. pharrell’s billionaire boys club (bbc) app is the latest and greatest to grace my screen. ch-ch-ch-ch – ch-ch-check it out!

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to mark the most anticipated and appreciated change of seasons in the calendar year i’ve thrown a bunch of tracks together for picking. warmer pastures lie ahead so why not throw down a soundtrack to make those last few days blur into one another, leaving us with the crisp, warm afternoons spring promises.

as always, all the tracks are downloadable. enjoy

1. ball park music – iFly

2. jinja safari – families

3. mochi beats – forever impossible (mash-up)

4. miami horror – i look to you (feat. kimbra)

5. klaxons – twin flames

6. florrie – you wanna start something

7. mark ronson & the business intl – lose it (in the end) feat. ghostface killah

8. n.e.r.d – party people

…and i couldn’t leave this track out despite it’s may release. pharrell is a highly sought after man and i am merely adhering to the public’s calling with some additional n.e.r.d (plus, i still froth hard on this beat)

9. n.e.r.d – hot n fun (feat. nelly furtado)

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who cares how old this track is now. it still kills

if you’re unfamiliar, ‘rockstar’ is taken from N.E.R.D’s 2002 album ‘in search of…’ get your download/jb’s on (if anybody who has the power to arrest me reads this this site officially does not condone the illegal downloading of music, although mediafire is a good source)

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