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So my brother moved to France today…

And while it’s unbelieavbly rad for him it kinda sucks for me. I will shower him with a brief paragraph of praise; comfortable knowing he’s not nearly enough of a pretentious wanker to care about my blog and hence will not read this.

The next time I see him will be for Christmas in Paris/Annecy so for the next six months I am essentially void of a brother, role model and good mate. With whom will I go on Bob-funded Country Road sessions with now (apply below)? With whom will I reminisce over classic childhood movies, with whom will I scrimmage and with whom will I share clothes, music and EST pizza?

Actually now that I think about it I do most of those things with Aj, Damir, Brad, Dan, Willow, Dos and Bear anyway. Still, the gap he leaves behind cannot be filled. I will take a sliver of comfort in the fact that I will be invading and occupying his room in the coming months, basking in the vast superiority of his television and sound-system though… That’s a win for all involved.

Peace out and enjoy the 34 hours in transit you flight-mule!


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Watching channel [v] last night with John we came across a few sweet ‘top 5’ segments, whereby the top 5 songs from a particular artist are chosen and played consecutively. Pretty simple, pretty dope concept… We came in half way through Rihanna and then had Kanye lined up after that. The general consensus was that the top five would be (in no particular order): Stronger, Goldigger, Jesus Walks and then two of All of the Lights, Touch the Sky or Love Lockdown (Touch the Sky being the least likely considering Goldigger is also from his sophomore record Late Registration).

Channel [v]’s top five was this:

5. Paranoid (808’s & Heartbreak)

4. Stronger (Graduation)

3. Through the Wire (The College Dropout)

2. The Good Life (Graduation)

1. Goldigger (Late Registration)

Firstly we were baffled that they wouldn’t include any of the songs from Kanye’s critically and commercially acclaimed fifth album – balls. Secondly, Through the Wire and Paranoid? Come on [v], they’re both awesome songs but neither of them made our fifteen song shortlist. Some crazy bastard has probably just gone ‘ummm shit these are my favourite five of his, let’s just play them’. You suck [v].

Oh but I won $5- from John for picking Goldigger as #1 and then doubled it by picking Knights of Cydonia as #1 for Muse (he went with Supermassive Black Hole) in the next top 5 segment. Gambling rules.

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This is easily the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long, long time.

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Hoards of fringe-sporting teens flocked to Rundle Mall today like it was Friday night in 2006 to see Good Charlotte play Channel [v]’s Guerrilla Gig. Despite rocking up about 45 minutes later than they were scheduled, a substantial crowd still surrounded the Gawler Place Square to see their pop-punk heroes play a few live acoustic tracks.

After trying to gain a better vantage point in the surrounding buildings (an adventure that took Damir and I up a shitload of stairs and through a heap of weird corridors and passageways) we were eventually shut down by ‘The Optical Superstore’ or whatever the knobs call themselves. The prick on the desk said we couldn’t watch from the balcony because of some bullshit insurance reason. Come on ass hole, we weren’t about to leap to our deaths (it’s only one story up, we wouldn’t even die, cock) in like, a  public display of affection toward the band or something. So through about ten metres of solid crowd we listened to them play Sex on the Radio; a definite front-runner for shittest song of the decade already and then bailed.

I’m sure the couple of hundred who stayed around to watch the show will also venture down to the Entertainment Centre tonight to watch Good Charlotte perform in a less intimate environment but I was far more content to go check out some new stock at Country Road.

Do you reckon half these fuck heads are just waiting without even knowing what they’re waiting for?

– Some chick expressing her feelings of dissatisfaction toward the crowd as she battled her way through.

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Day 16: Your favourite song from a TV series

Aloe Blacc – I Need a Dollar

This magnificent tune is the theme song for the eight episode first series of HBO’s How to Make It in America; a show which follows the lives of two young guys doing whatever they can to try to make it in New York.

It was the hit single from Aloe Blacc’s critically acclaimed 2010 record ‘Good Things’ and continues to receive (occasional) air-time on Australian national radio. He played a show at Rocket Bar a few months ago which I unfortunately couldn’t get to but if you want to know anything about Aloe, just ask his biggest fan; Emily Hanna.

Listen/download: Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar (HTMIIA Intro – youtube)

>>Honourable Mention: Fat Segal – Skins Theme Song<<

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Finding new and innovative ways to define ‘cool’ has always been something The Strokes seemed to do with ease. Whatever they did was effortlessly labeled as such because… it was. Their latest piece of cool mastery came as they performed You’re So Right in black and white on Jimmy Fallon this week. The song sounds great live and is yet another arrow in the bow of ‘fucking awesomeness’ known as The Strokes.

They really are the poster children for society’s hip.

Seriously, who doesn’t love the NY rockers? Anybody?

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I’m sure this gets said every year but the films and actors (and actresses for political correctness) that were in the running for the major prizes at today’s Academy Awards were ridiculous!

Colin Firth & The King’s Speech took major honours with best lead actor and best film respectively, while Natalie Portman was rewarded for her scintillating performance in/as the Black Swan. Christian Bale and Melissa Leo took out the best supporting male and female actors for their roles in The Fighter.

The King’s Speech‘s phenomenal outing was continued as Tom Hooper took out the best director award (over the likes of Aronofsky, Fincher, The Coen Brothers and David O. Russell) as well as the ‘best original screenplay writing’.

The Social Network scooped three Oscars for writing, music and editing while Inception took home four in the sound, visual and cinematography sections. Toy Story 3 and Alice in Wonderland both received two awards to round out the multiple winners.

Despite ten nominations True Grit failed to win any awards and 127 Hours came up short in all five nominated categories. James Franco was however fantastic as co-host with the beautiful Anne Hathaway and I know the video is crappy quality but it’ll give you a good idea of the opening skit the two made.

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