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Summer has finally hit Adelaide. We’ve been rocking consistent days of 30+ weather, meaning the beach is so on right now. If you’re not lounging around on the sand though, chances are you’re riding your fixie round the bustling eastern city streets so I thought it was about time I threw a mixtape together to celebrate the belated coming of our favourite season. Chuck on your iPod, lean over those handlebars and drop a skid to these tunes.

I. Dr. Don Don – King of the Stars

II. The Go! Team – Buy Nothing Day (ft. Bethany Cosentino)

III. Gold Fields – Treehouse

IV. Tricky – Murder Weapon

V. Big Scary – Tuesday Is Rent Day

VI. Funeral Party-Finale

VII. Casiokids – Fot I Hose


VIII. The National – England

IX. The Go! Team – The Power Is On


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watching bob burnquist throw down on the 900 attempt made me reminisce about the days when my entire neighbourhood would gather to play tony hawks pro skater 1 & 2. i’m relatively certain that these are two of the greatest video games ever made. with a soundtrack including the likes of papa roach, rage against the machine, millencolin and naughty by nature it was the pinnacle of life for us as budding eight to fifteen year olds. according to metacritic it is actually the second highest rated game ever, behind the legend of zelda: ocarina of time. i’m not even going to begin with how much we frothed on zelda too…

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in the lead up to last month’s world basketball festival in new york, nike connected the five boroughs of the city in celebration of hoops, culture, and the iconic air force 1 sneaker. local artist theophilus london represented brooklyn in this feature…

download: theophilus london- life of a lover feat. jesse boykins

the five mini-docos were directed by bbgun and each one featured a local celebrity taking you on a guided tour of their borough. the queens tour was escorted by local bmx/lifestyle crew format; staten island, by local fm radio guru emilio sparks; the bronx, by born and raised rapper corey gunz; and harlem, by up and coming rapper miss banks…

all the clips can be found on youtube by clicking on the above vid.

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the introduction of vans vault’s spectator lx. these have just been released for the fall/winter (northern hemisphere) season and are sure to be a hit with their twentieth century suede/ leather look.

while on the topic of vans, i was thinking about a brief encounter i had with a fellow patron (i use the word patron very generously as this guy was a genuine stain) in the toilets of an adelaide venue not long ago. i was busying myself at the trough when i was interrupted by a ”nice shoes” comment from my right. i turned to see the source looking down at my shoes, then eagerly back to his and again to mine. i rolled my eyes and in an obviously condescending tone muttered ”you too champ” as he was also wearing a pair of vans, albeit in another colour. he obviously missed the relevance of my tone and assumed we had just established an unspoken affinity toward each other solely (excuse the pun) on the basis of our shoes. he proceeded to talk to me about how he owned six pairs of vans, all different colours and was lining up another purchase at his quote; ‘new favourite store: midwest trader’.

 in a separate conversation (thank god) with john and dan, we were talking about how vans have become the new converse; in that seventy percent of the world owns a pair but somehow still believe they are original in their ownership of them. let’s hope that these new vans vaults don’t slide down that path too because i’m really digging them and would hate to have to endure another conversation, mid-flow, in regards to their origin…

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over the past few decades, new era have established themselves as the globe’s frontier cap producers. you can’t hit any skate park, go to a festival or even walk down rundle mall without bumping into a couple of hipstas or wanna-be gangstas sporting one of their headpieces.

i’ve got this ‘denver nuggets’ bad boy lined up for my next online purchase…

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here’s some leaked footage from the SHUFFL video which features the sk8mafia team as well as a few clips from the shuffl crew.

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