In Transit (again)


27/12 – 29/12


The sun blocks my view

Glaring, I strive to achieve

But no emergence



Leaning, nonchalance

Depiction – swag, synonyms

No care in the world

City of lost children

Forgotten street’s relevance

They’re all out to play

Stone-brick, three floors; four

Architecture from deceased

Icons loom behind

Louis Blanc

Check out Louis Blanc for all the latest on the Adelaide kids formerly known as Nazarite Vow.

Note: I may have a genetic predisposition to one member (arguably two), but I feel as though that is cancelled by my unwavering hatred for the artist known as Bjear…

Merry Christmas

I’m too poor to afford to buy you anything for Christmas, but I wanted to get you something anyway to reciprocate the EPIC present you gave me before I left. I’ve become quite fond of a French-Canadian artist called Cœur de Pirate whilst here, and thought you would probably enjoy her too.

Download the tracks below, throw em on ya iPod, and enjoy ya trip!!! Yeeeew

Merry Christmas frienndddddd!


Cœur de Pirate – ‘Blonde’

01 Lève les voiles

02 Adieu

03 Danse et danse

04 Golden Baby

05 Ava

06 Loin d’ici

07 Les amours dévouées

08 Place de la République

09 Cap Diamant

10 Verseau

11 Saint-Laurent

12 La petite mort


Why do I not own this hat? FML!