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‘First times’ are incredible things. They are those special moments in your life that you will never forget. You remember everything. Where you were, who you were with, why you were there… Every little detail takes on an aura of significance that in any other circumstance wouldn’t.

I remember the first time I ever saw Parkway Drive play. They were opening a four-band bill at a dingy little suburban club in Berlin, Germany. We were there for the 2006 World Cup and my brother (18) and I (16) walked to and from the show from our hotel room after meeting the band in an internet cafe earlier that day. They gave me a free shirt and a set-list (which I still have on my wall today). It was one of the best shows of my life…

The first time I ever saw Jonathan Levine’s The Wackness I was in a youth hostel in L.A… John (20) and I (18) were in America for our friend’s wedding in Texas but we took some time out in California to hang about. Our hostel was practically on the beach at Santa Monica. Each morning I would go for runs along the sand and during the day we would waste our time seeing the sights, shopping, watching the Lakers and getting amongst L.A life. The youth hostel had an ‘entertainment room’ on the third floor. It would remain partially filled throughout the entire night as the hostel guests came and went with their jetlag. I had to stick out a dreadful episode of ‘Bones’ before stumbling across what was at the time an underground gem of a film.


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At times I consider whether Coldplay are the reason for my existence and the meaning of life. I generally come to the conclusion that I am slightly overestimating their role in the grand scheme of things but when they continue release works of such beauty it’s hard to fight my initial thoughts.

Check out “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”… See, even their song titles are fucking amazing!

Splendour 2011 I want you inside of me now!

mp3: Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

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For the diehard fans of Danger Mouse this is one album that has been a long time in the making. Five years it has taken the American producer to finally emerge from the mist with this ode to Italo-Western film. And with Italian composer Daniele Luppi and a small cast of high profile guests joining him on this faux-soundtrack, to think it would be anything less than exquisite is just absurd and ignorant.

Drawing inspiration from such a unique sub-genre of film, ‘Rome’ has a distinct and distinguished sound that is mature and meticulous. You can essentially hear Luppi’s love for the romanticism and fragility of classic Italian soundtracks in every note played. It is truly a connoisseur’s album, a sentiment that is demonstrated perfectly through the blasé introduction Theme of Rome.

The careful placement of Jack White’s vocals in follow-up The Rose with the Broken Neck and throughout ‘Rome’ are a production masterpiece as they give the album the raw edge and bite that it desperately needs to stop tedium and repetitiousness creeping in. The Rose with the Broken Neck’s intriguing lyrics and conflicting lullaby/’soundtrack to a nightmare’ essences offer it the potential to take over the record’s preliminary stages.

Roman Blue is the instrumental piece that could accompany any great film (spaghetti-western or non) in a post-climatic finale scene and the soft howls that ring out towards completion give it a mystique that, on this album, is rivalled only by Norah Jones on Season’s Trees. Problem Queen’s intricacies are overpowered (without remaining completely unnoticed) by Norah Jones as her vocals again play a pivotal role in the distinction of this track as one of the album’s highlights.

While much of the record is instrumental, Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi have ensured that the subtle diversity between each of these tracks are not lost nor disregarded. It is a privilege to be able to enjoy works of such mastery. Anyone with taste will appreciate everything these artists have accomplished through their collaborations on ‘Rome’. In an intricate and sometimes inexplicable genre, Rome’s beauty shines like a lighthouse. Exceptional!

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Draws are so fkn underwhelming and anti-climatic. A 1-1 result against a team who are well above us in the league is a good result but it really feels like we should’ve won. At least the pre-match tunes were up to scratch this week, I’ve been a little slack in the music department so far this season but we’re back in business.

With a little something for everyone, tonight’s playlist went like this:

Big Boi – Shutterbug (featuring Cutty)

Drapht – Sing It (The Life Of Riley)

Tonite Only – We Run The Night

OFWGKTA – Drop (By Earl Sweatshirt)

Justice – Civilization

The Amity Affliction – Anchors

Linkin Park – Lying From You

Nero – Me & You

Kanye West – Don’t Stop! (feat. Child Rebel Soldier)

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Search Party & Destroy

The latest Rad Omen instalment.

This I enjoy.

Directed by EIKNARF.

The cake has officially been iced.

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This isn’t a review, it’s just a brief written recollection of tonight’s events, which happened to take place at a show. I Killed The Prom Queen; the darling of Adelaide’s thriving mid-naughties hardcore scene returned in a blaze of glory tonight, announcing their official return to the game. Their role as ‘main support’ may have overshadowed even the The Amity Affliction’s excellent set due to Adelaide’s long-term love affair with the dynamic five-piece.

Luckily for AJ and I we didn’t have to pay to get in. Weslo were as underwhelming as ever in their pursuit of excellence. A simple drawn-on stamp (with a black biro) was enough to navigate our way past their incompetence and into the show.

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Yeah, this track has been killing it lately. The children of the night have apparently spoken. Plus who can resist a youtube video that says “I Love Electro House & Techno”? Damir and I are suckers for a great tagline like that…….. Sizzling!

Tonite Only-We Run The Night

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