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Drapht may just be the one act actually doing something of worth in what is really a pretty shit genre right now. With little to no expectations for “The Life of Riley” my thoughts were focused solely on how best to shred the Perth MC for yet another pathetic Australian attempt at ‘hip-hop’, so listening to the record and not cringing with every verse was a big step. Then I actually played it through a few more times and realised it’s quite a catchy & well-produced album.

Renowned for producing hooky favourites like Jimmy Recard in 2008 to platinum single Rapunzel, with The Life of Riley Drapht might have elevated his status from just being the festival circuit regular and producer of catchy backyard bbq hits to a legitimate Aussie Hip-hop powerhouse. The base for this assessment being that a hell of a lot of people will really enjoy this record, and why shouldn’t they?

Opening track Sing It literally (well, figuratively) jumps straight into your head where it’s sure to stay for longer than is really necessary and the top heavy collection continues into Down and then Rapunzel, two tracks that sum up everything that has made Drapht the artist he is now – a classic ‘I can’t do anything but nod my head to this shit’ Drapht beat with an arrangement of articulations that are more intelligently sang then spoken. NO complaints here!

The Eulogy and R.I.P J.R lack creativity as Drapht continues to shamelessly bark up the tree of success that was Jimmy Recard while the multitude of unnecessary Kurt Cobain and Motley Crue shout-outs could probably be toned down a little. I’m sure there’s somebody holding a half empty West End Tin dropping a “yehhhh sick shout out, how good was that bulk Jimmmyyyy beat eyyy, chuck us another tinny yeh Teegan!” to that too though; helping our MC to further transcend those socio-economic bridges other artist have found to be so treacherous. Luckily for Drapht, JB Hi-Fi opened a store at Blakeview so rather than spending that hard-earned welfare cheque on food and shelter for the three kids ‘n one on the way, daddy can make sure he and the lads have mass tunes for next weekend’s barbie at Dave-o’s.

At no point after the first four tracks do I find myself thoroughly enjoying the album but I’m pretty sure I’m developing a sort of muscle memory/nervous twitch-like reflex in my neck from all the nodding that has accompanied it. Air Guitar could be one of the points I do find myself getting close to that thorough enjoyment late in the record. A little less ‘classic Drapht’; Air Guitar is a little bit hip-hop, a little bit rock and a little bit MC from Perth stranded in the Sahara Desert. Unfortunately you have to suffer through the 1:44 waste of time that is Skit to get to the oasis.

Featuring Trials of The Funkoars, The Paul The Dan is more of the same successful monotony as is Murder Murder, while the backing guitar in Take The Party With Us and Good Morning (just in general) leave much to be desired. Fortunately the album closes strongly with On & On, ensuring those nods remain intact from 0:01 to 56:49.

While it is a very intelligent solidification and continuation of the moves Drapht made up the food chain with “Brothers Grimm”, I think I still would’ve rather spent the $20 on a toasted footlong meatball with avocado, a medium soft drink cup and three cookies. Good thing I get these CD’s for free to review huh…


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