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Ahhhh I have an enormous back catalogue of tunes I am trying so hard to get through at the moment… It’s so typical that I get a massive influx all at once and have nowhere near enough time to listen to it all. On the go I have Foster The People’s inceredible debut from earlier this year, the new Arctic Monkeys record and Bon Iver’s highly-anticipated sophomore effort. Then I have The Black Angels psychedelic experience and Kate Bush’s latest albums to review (I’ve had the latter for a few weeks now and I’m not even close to getting into it).

Couple all that with my ridiculous obsession with pop music in the form of Chris Brown (F.A.M.E) and a bit of Bieber’s My World 2.0 and a healthy dose of Saturday night dub-step/dance and you have yourself one massive fucking musical dilemma. I think I’ll just go to sleep instead…


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